​​​​​Merchants can access up to $150,000 in working capital in as little as 3 days. If you have a monthly sales volume of $5,000 or greater, you  qualify for a cash advance. Call Us Today! 1-800-358-1320
What We Do
We purchase a set dollar amount of your business's future credit / debit card sales at a discounted rate, and pay that amount in a lump sum to you.
Your future payments are based upon your future sales volume, so your payments are cash flow friendly.
Our Services
We are a staff of trained and experienced lending consultants here to help you. We will explain the advantages of obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance that can benefit your business. A cash advance can be used for many purposes such as renovations, expansions, inventory or new equipment. We offer cash advances to business owners based on their monthly sales volume, with no colateral or personal guarantee. Since we offer several funding options, one is sure to be right for you and your business.​ 1-800-358-1320 Call Us Today!